Altris Power – provides full-service solutions for Solar Thermal, Clean Engine and other energy efficiency technologies. We find the best technologies from around the world, and support you with a full range of services including: consultation, design, financing, installation, operation, and maintenance.

We use sunlight to create HEAT. The SunQuest 250 is a newly patented technology that collects the sun’s radiation and creates heat 400% more efficiently than any other solar thermal product on the market. This heat can be used for hot water, hot air, and even cool air (using an absorption chiller), along with dozens of other practical applications.


SunQuest 250 saves taxpayer dollars by reducing heating costs in public buildings, by up to 70%. Check out some of our public building case studies, including the largest solar thermal project ever completed in North America.


Hotel guests use an average of 20-35 gallons of hot water per day, per person. The SunQuest 250 has been proven to reduce heating costs in hotels, by up to 70%. Check out some of our hotel case studies, including Hyatt hotels.


Hospitals that “go green” have a great opportunity to market clean health to their community.
We have a solution that can meet the power demands hospitals require. We can meet your needs within your current roof space configuration.


53% of the energy consumption in Universities in the US is spent on heating and cooling. Check out some of our college and university case studies, including University of Indianapolis where the SunQuest 250 has proven to generate up to 97% of all hot water needed in a dormitory setting.

Clean Engines

Cyclone Power Technologies is a research & development company focused on helping solve two of the great problems of our time: our dependence on fossil fuels, and the resulting unsustainable consequences to our environment.

Other Tech

Altris Power provides cutting edge solutions for reducing energy costs and carbon footprint. We are dedicated to bringing together the world’s most innovative technologies to form the most comprehensive systems of green energy today. We offer custom solutions in the following categories:

Efficient Boiler
PV (Solar Power)
Absorption Chiller
Efficient Heater