About Us

Altris Power is the alternative energy company. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, we specialize in bringing cutting edge renewable technologies to our customers, providing them with the most cost-effective, energy-efficient, clean energy systems for their businesses, homes and municipalities.

The benefits of adopting alternative energy solutions have never been so compelling. Alternative energy technology, financing, and infrastructure is more accessible than ever before – the time to act is now!

By partnering with Altris Power, our customers enjoy the following benefits:

Predictable and Fixed Energy Costs
Once you become an Altris Power customer, you will be able to predictably forecast your monthly power expense for the next 25 years, and without the annual increases you experience with conventional power providers.

Quality Product
Altris Power has developed a proprietary quality assurance process that ensures your alternative power energy system reflects best-in-class installation with the best components, installation guidelines, and warranties.

Customized Energy System Design
Before entering into a formal business relationship, Altris Power will conduct an in-depth system design evaluation that fully analyzes your power usage and consumption. We then utilize these analytics to create a power system tailored to your specific needs and objectives.

Lower Energy Costs
Our sales team possesses only one goal: Cost savings for our customers. This means that if Altris Power cannot lower your current power costs, we won’t accept the project.

Positive Environmental Impact
Can you imagine the environmental impact of dramatically reducing the world’s carbon emissions? Altris Power is making this possible, and we can do it for you. You can now enjoy operating your home or business with the cleanest energy available.


When you decide to migrate from a conventional power system to an alternative power system you need much more than a new power provider – you need a power partner. Here are a few reasons to partner with Altris Power for your clean-energy system.
The Altris Advantage:


We save you money. Altris Power will lower your monthly power bill.


We provide utility-grade engineering and systems design. Altris Power’s engineering and design team provides decades of experience, creating power system tailored to your needs.


We use data to make decisions. Altris Power utilizes a robust due diligence process that leverages your current system’s data to ensure you are getting all the benefits of switching to alternative power.


Altris Power is always working to provide cutting edge, clean energy solutions. Altris can provide you with annual energy consumption consulting, energy efficiency reviews, and total system management and maintenance. This will ensure that you are always getting the most out of your clean-energy investment and the greatest possible cost savings.

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