Agriculture, perhaps more than any other industry, is constantly becoming more sophisticated and more competitive.  Every advantage helps keep you profitable, and we are committed to helping you do that with the most innovative new energy efficiency solutions available in the market today.  Budgets are always tight and we will start our partnership with you with that very clearly in mind.  At Altris Power we focus on making your facilities and operations more energy efficient and do it within your existing budgets.

Thanks to recent advances in alternative energy technologies and the tax advantages associated with them, the margins for savings have gotten bigger and the equipment itself has gotten very reliable – no matter if it is hot and sunny, or freezing cold and overcast.  Those types of conditions don’t stop your operations and it won’t stop the systems we design from working effectively either.  This is not the renewable energy you knew as a kid.

We always start by clearly understanding your operation and needs and then design custom fit energy efficiency systems like solar PV, solar thermal (for all types of hot water uses, space heat, and drying operations), high efficiency smart lighting systems, power monitoring, power hog mitigation, and custom controls.

It is true for any business that the numbers have to all add up for any new project or equipment purchase to make sense, and renewable energy systems for most ag operations now provide excellent improvements to the bottom line!

Altris Power has the technology and expertise to give you the solutions you need, at a cost that may actually put money back into your budget.  It is a bold statement, but we have already done it for a whole range of facilities all over the United States.

Let us take a few minutes of your time and show you the types of solutions we can provide for you.  Including financing options that many owners and managers do not realize exist or may not know how to take advantage of.

Minnich Poultry Ft. Recovery, OH.

Major poultry operation.

3 SunQuest 250 Panels.

Provides Heated Water for Egg Washing.

K&L Tractor Supply Ft. Recovery, OH

Farm Equipment Sales/Repair.

6 SunQuest 250 Panels.

Provides Radiant Floor Heat.


In heating cost, proven by multiple independent

labs & government installations.

In emission, each panel installed is the equivalent of

six cars off the road per year.

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