Altris Power is committed to the concept that we will be successful as we help you to be more successful. Business is all about the bottom line. Finding the margins in the operations of your property that allow you to be profitable and looking good while you are doing it. Thanks to recent advances in alternative energy technologies and the tax advantages associated with them, the margins have gotten bigger and the equipment is proven effective. It is true for any business the numbers have to all add up for any new project to make sense, and renewable energy systems for most hotel and motel properties now provide excellent numbers!

That is where we are different from all the rest. We understand that for your business to seriously consider a new project it has to make financial sense, but must also be reliable and make daily operations more effective.

The typical size, energy use patterns, and hours of operation can make these properties perfect candidates for energy efficiency systems like solar PV, solar thermal (for all types of hot water uses and space heat), high efficiency smart lighting systems, power monitoring and custom controls.

Altris Power has the technology and expertise to give you the solutions you need, at a cost that may actually put money back into your budget.  It is a bold statement, but we have already done it for a whole range of facilities all over the United States.

Let us take a few minutes of your time and show you the types of solutions we can provide for you.  Including financing options that most facility owners and managers do not realize exist or may not know how to take advantage of.

Grand Hyatt Atlanta/Buckhead

439 room luxury hotel.

20 SunQuest 250 Panels.

50%+ reduction in guest room DHW
natural gas costs with a complete equipment payback in under four years.

Emissions reduction = 242 Metric Tonnes of CO2,
equivalent of taking 44 cars off the road.


In heating cost, proven by multiple independent

labs & government installations.

In emission, each panel installed is the equivalent of

six cars off the road per year.

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