Led Lighting

Technology related to LED lighting has advanced dramatically over the last decade and has made upgrading to LED lighting one of the easiest and most effective areas for your cost saving efforts.  LED lights can be as much as 80% more efficient, and last as much as 20 times longer, than older light designs. 

 Not only are LED lights efficient, but they are getting smart!  Many new LED designs incorporate wireless communications which allows for them to be programed and controlled remotely.  They can dim when no one is in a certain part of a building and then brighten up again as people come near.  Automatically dim near windows where natural light is available and be brighter in the darker corners of a room. Even adjust the color of the light to create different moods within a space promoting greater productivity.

The most advanced lights can even act as a wireless network throughout your entire facility allowing for things like remote monitoring of warehouses, and parking lots. They can even be used to monitor and control a wide variety of other systems like air conditioners, water pumps, street signs, even hydroponic gardens – you name it.

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