Public Buildings

We understand that every government entity in the country is facing the same challenges of finding ways to keep operating costs down, and at the same time impress the public with measurable efforts to improve and protect the environment. Thanks to significant improvements in technology these two objectives can now be tackled at the same time.  Alternative energy solutions have advanced to the point that they can now deliver reliable, low cost energy to government buildings like never before.

Altris Power has the technology and expertise to give you the solutions you need, at a cost that may actually put money back into your budget.

It is a bold statement, but we have already done it for a whole range of government facilities including Higher Education campuses, Correctional facilities, and a variety of others.

Let us take a few minutes of your time and show you the types of solutions we can provide for you.  Including financing options that most government managers do not realize exist or have no idea how to take advantage of, including some that may require little or no out of pocket expenses from you.

University of Indianapolis

165 Bed Dormitory.

10 SunQuest 250 Panels.

Provides 97% of Hot Water.

Wabash Valley Correctional Intitution - Carlisle, IN.

200 Bed Cell Blocks.

15 SunQuest 250 Panels.

Provides Hot Water and Space Heat.


In heating cost, proven by multiple independent

labs & government installations.

In emission, each panel installed is the equivalent of

six cars off the road per year.

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