The last few years have seen advances in renewable energy systems for homes increase in effectiveness and drop in price more than anyone imagined would be possible. Altris Power has put together a team with the expertise to provide you the very best home energy efficiency systems.

Almost anyone can put a solar electricity array on a home, but that is not who we are. At Altris Power we first work to understand the needs you have and the way you live and then we custom design a system that will give you the greatest benefit at the lowest possible cost.

We do this by bringing a variety of possible solutions to the table including solar pv, solar thermal for hot water and space heating, high efficiency boilers and so much more. Then we carefully select the best ones for your needs. Some homes need a lot of electricity, while others spend large amount of money to heat a pool or a hot tub, or perhaps technology advances that you may have already embraced like electric car charging.

We approach every project with a clear understanding that your needs are unique and you need a solution that will work for your home and for your budget, and we will help you get it.

Good for

your wallet.

Good for

the planet.


In heating cost, proven by multiple independent

labs & government installations.

In emission, each panel installed is the equivalent of

six cars off the road per year.

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