Solar Power

We do Solar Power right.  Let’s just put that up front.  There are lots of solar companies that can design a system for your building, but Altris Power does it right and it makes a massive difference in how well the system will work for you and the cost savings it will provide.  Most companies use the same simple off the shelf design software to put together generic systems, and everyone gets the same basic thing, regardless of what their project needs and challenges really are.

By first understanding your project and the way you use energy Altris Power can custom design a system that is perfect for your needs, and for your budget. We look at the project as a whole, and often the best performing and most cost effective solution includes a variety of simple additions to a traditional solar energy system.  Doing it this way we can help eliminate peak penalties and energy hogs within your system, allowing for a smaller cheaper system to do a better job and save you as much money as possible.  Often a bigger system is not the answer.  Smartly designed systems are.

We believe in this technology and what it can do to help you save money, and feel good about saving the environment too.

Give us a few minutes of your time to share with us some of the basic details of the project you are thinking about, and let us show you what we can do for you. You’ll be impressed.

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