Solar Thermal

Altris Power is firmly committed to helping bring one of the most disruptive technologies in the world of renewable energy to the United States. Solar Thermal. With hundreds of thousands of systems installed all over the world that have proven reliable for decades this technology is positioned to radically change the way American homes and business get their energy.

Solar Thermal in its most basic application is used to collect energy from the sun that has historically been used to heat water, but the technology has improved significantly and that is now just a small part of its potential.

Solar Thermal energy can used for a wide variety of applications:

  • Heating Water – for homes, pools, hospitals, hotels, hydroponic gardens, etc.
  • Creating Steam – both low temperature and high temperature.
  • Heating Air – both radiant and forced air systems.
  • Cooling Air – using Absorption Chillers – for space cooling in schools, businesses, warehouses, etc.
  • Drying Wood – for construction in clean energy kilns.
  • Processing Crops – drying and sterilizing of seeds, grains, fruits, fish, etc.
  • Generating Electricity – on small applications all the way up to utility scale projects.

And best of all:
Solar Thermal energy can be stored and used when the sun goes down
(making it perhaps the most beneficial and effective renewable energy source anywhere).

This is not the Solar Thermal you thought you knew.  It is a bold new world.  Let us help you discover how it can put to work for you.


In heating cost, proven by multiple independent

labs & government installations.

In emission, each panel installed is the equivalent of

six cars off the road per year.

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