Higher Education

Renewable energy offers some tremendous benefits for institutions of higher education.  Higher Ed has always lead out as cultural thought change driver, and the environment and its impact on the world have been at the forefront of discussion on campuses for decades.  The pressure it has been for change has been very positive and is now being demanded by not only the faculty and staff that started the movement, but by the latest generations of students that are going through our Higher Ed institutions and demanding that action be taken on what they consider to be an  important health issue that can and will impact the rest of their lives.

Leaders at our Higher Education institutions are fully aware of this demand and are already moving in that direction, but that still does not change the challenges of managing a budget that gets tighter every year, or influencing legislatures to provide additional funding for such projects.

Fortunately, technology has caught up and can now offer you reliable cost effective solutions. Solar PV, solar thermal, high efficiency smart lights, and custom control systems have seen significant advances in their performance and reliability over the last decade making these systems excellent options for Higher Education facilities of all types.

Altris Power has the technology and Higher Ed project expertise to give you the solutions you need, at a cost that may actually put money back into your budget.  It is a bold statement, but we have already done it for a whole range of institutions all over the United States.

Let us take a few minutes of your time and show you the types of solutions we can provide for you.  Including financing options that most facility managers do not realize exist or are not sure how to take advantage of.

Unversity Dorm in Central Indiana

200 bed Co-Ed Dormitory.

Annual Gas Savings of 60% Plus.

Providing > 65% DHW for Student Use.


In heating cost, proven by multiple independent

labs & government installations.

In emission, each panel installed is the equivalent of

six cars off the road per year.

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